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The Benefits of Membership -- Competitive Network Operators of Canada

We deliver results 

We operate in a regulated industry, so it’s no surprise that regulatory and legal decisions have a major impact on the overall operations of competitive ISPs. 


From changes to the regulatory framework that determines what wholesale services must be made available by large telephone and cable carriers, to the regulated rates of wholesale services as well as the regulatory requirements that affect how retail services may be provided – CNOC has you covered. 


Information as it happens, when you need it 

CNOC has a broad network of experts available to members to answer any questions members may have about our industry.

We keep you informed in real-time on the latest regulatory decisions as well as industry trends that can help you make informed business decisions.


We are stronger together


A central benefit of CNOC membership is direct access to our legal, costing and government relations professionals as they assemble applications and comments to the CRTC, regulatory, and legal entities. Membership fees allow CNOC to advocate on behalf of its members more effectively than its members can do as individuals. We are Canada’s national network for independent ISPs.




CNOC membership enables you to connect with like-minded companies across Canada so you can network, share ideas and learn from one another. The association is Canada’s most robust B2B network for independent ISPs.


Its annual conference, the ISP Summit, is a marque industry event attracting more than 450 participants from all over the country and is an excellent opportunity to meet key industry players. 



Have your say 

CNOC has been at the fore of regulatory change in the telecommunications industry since its inception – we continually move the needle. Joining CNOC ensures that you are part of the conversation. 


As a member, your voice is heard and your company is helping make a difference for Canadian Independent ISPs.  


CNOC membership gives you access to the knowledge and resources necessary to effectively participate in advancing the interests of competitive ISPs and creating positive changes in the telecommunications industry.


Join us


CNOC: Building a next-generation telecommunications industry together.  


For more information about joining CNOC or a membership application form, contact us at:

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