Tell your MP that you want 

affordable Internet now...

The federal government says that it's committed to affordable Internet, yet it continues to give into the demands of the large telecoms who want nothing more than to keep Canadian consumers paying some of the highest prices for connectivity in the industrialized world.


That was no more apparent than the Federal Cabinet signalling last August that the CRTC's thorough calculation of Internet rates wholesale competitors pay to the large telecoms don't always "strike a balance" between investment and affordability.


The result: Canadians pay more to connect, plain and simple. Affordable Internet rates are now in jeopardy and competition in the industry is on the endangered species list.

It's time to speak up and tell your local Member of Parliament enough is enough. It's time to fight for what you deserve -- affordable Internet. Canadians deserve better.





It's time to speak up. Tell Your Member of Parliament that affordable Internet should not be a luxury