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We need your help to defend affordable internet


In 2019, the CRTC made a landmark ruling that independent internet providers had been overcharged by Big Telecom, and should be paying dramatically lower rates. 


But last month, in a surprise move, the CRTC, caving to pressure from the large companies, reversed their decision and is upholding the extraordinarily high rates. This is going to harm independent internet providers like us, and ultimately, the prices that you pay as customers for your internet service across Canada. 


The CRTC got this one wrong – and the only way to fix it is for the government to overturn their decision. Will you speak up and help us make this right?

Tell your MP and Minister Champagne that the Liberal government must overturn the CRTC’s affordability-killing rates decision.

Want to do even more?

Grassroots advocacy group OpenMedia is collecting signatures for a petition that will be submitted as a part of the formal appeal to Cabinet. Will you join tens of thousands of Canadians, who have already spoken out, and add your voice?  

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